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Minerva has been a well established tyre brand since more than 20 years. Since its introduction in 1992 the brand has developed a strong reputation and international dealer network. Today it is sold in more than 52 countries worldwide.

The Minerva brand name has a long history in automotive and used to be a famous car manufacturter in Antwerp (Belgium). During 1902-1938 they produced luxury cars for film stars, politicians and industrialists in Europe and United States. The Minerva had the same quality as the Rolls-Royce, but was less expensive.

Today, the brand offers a wide range in both summer and winter tyres. Including Passenger, Light Truck and SUV 4x4 sizes. Thanks to both Asian and European production the program has a excellent mix of sizes & high quality.

With more than 1 million tyres sold per year, Minerva is today a leading tyre brand worldwide.

Minerva facts

  • Very strong size range development
  • More than 20 years of history
  • High speed stability and reduced rolling resistance
  • Good handling in dry and wet conditions
  Summer tyres Winter tyres
Passenger 106 sizes 12-20 inch 86 sizes 13-19 inch
SUV 12 sizes 16-22 inch 24 sizes 15-20 inch
Light Truck 20 sizes 12-16 inch 20 sizes 14-16 inch

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